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Enrollment is open for actors/actresses to all area homeschoolers who are proficient readers ages 5+.  Every participant who enrolls as an actor will be cast in the performance, regardless of experience.  Whenever possible, productions are performed on a formal stage.  The stage may be in a traditional theatre, a church, or a similar facility within a reasonable vicinity of Harrisburg, NC and is based on availability and the discretion of the producer.



Rise & Shine Players℠ produces 2 performances each year, a Spring Performance and a Fall Performance.  Each performance is preceded by 15, bi-weekly practices..  There will be 1 dress rehearsal and 2 performances of the final production held during evening hours.  For specific dates and times, please view the schedule for your desired season.



A) Cost if you choose to sell ad space to fundraise:   

  • $80/child for the performance season ($25 due at time of registration via paypal, and $55 balance at the first class).  Sibling Discount applies where applicable.

B) Cost if you choose not to sell ad space to fundraise:

  • $160/child for the performance season ($25 due at time of registration via paypal, and $135 balance at the first class).  Sibling Discount applies where applicable.
    • (Brief explanation!  We know in the past, some parents have been uncomfortable with the ad sales requirement, so this season we’ve added the option to pay an increased registration fee and not participate in the fundraising.)

This includes at least 13, 1-hour rehearsals; 2, 2-hour rehearsals; 1 dress rehearsal, and  1 evening performance.  (At a registration cost of $80/season, that’s is less $5.00 per rehearsal session, not including the performance!!) Costumes and other necessaries are provided by the parent, however most costumes can be created using items you have at home.

Sibling discount for enrolling multiple children from the same household ), applied as follows:

1.  1st child:  $80   (OR $160 for option B)

2.  2nd child:  $75 (total enrollment cost for 2 children:  $155)    (OR $315 for option B)

3.  3rd child:  $70  (total enrollment cost for 3 children:  $225)    (OR $465 for option B)

4.  4th child:  $65  (total enrollment cost  for 4 children: $290)    (OR $610 for option B)

A $25 deposit is required at the time of registration, and the balance is due in full at the first practice session.

Please note, Rise & Shine Players℠ is offered as a community service for area homeschoolers and is run on a cost basis.  In order to have the highest quality instruction, the director and assistant director are paid professionals.   All other organizing members are volunteers and homeschooling parents.



Parent participation is key to achieving a successful experience and participation in Rise & Shine Players℠ should be considered a family commitment.  Parents should plan on a 6-hour volunteer time commitment.  There are a variety of parent volunteer positions available to cater to individual skills and availability such as designing sets, sewing costumes, photographing events, and many other roles.  Parents will be notified in regard to all volunteer positions prior to the start of the performance season.

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